This eBook offers a fad diet that claims you can lose up to 18 pounds in just four days. Hello everyone, I wanted to share what my experience with the 18in4 diet since I have used it before. I first came across the diet in my absolute. One such diet that promises quick results is the James Zeta diet, also referred to as “18in4” because it tells you that you can lose 18 pounds in.

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No exercise is included in the four-day diet.

18 Pounds in 4 Days Investigated

My wife thanks you too… LOL! If you stop eating so much sodium those 10 pounds will stay off and until you start eating normally those other 10 will stay off. Thank you so much for this diet!! This diet is really only for people who want to fit into their already made wedding dress, or something similar.

I will never forget you. The foods are specific fruits, vegetables and meat. If people are serious about changing their diet, they need to contact you.

Originally Posted by lucy I realize that you can’t give the details due to copyright, but some info must be available. As the name suggests, you are supposed to lose 18 pounds within the four days that you are on this diet.


18in4 Zeta Diet

The hardest part for me was drinking black coffee dket I do love my morning coffee. You are a wonderful person. At the end of the 4 days, their Fast Weight Loss ranged from lbs in 4 days, and they even lost more weight after the 4 days and have kept it off.

You have to undereat calories to lose one pound. Advertisements Hello everyone, I wanted to share what my experience with the 18in4 diet since I have used it before. The 18in4 Diet is focused on severe calorie restriction. I gained 60 pounds due to medicine, age, menopause, dreadful cravings and depression. This is 18iin4 again, I never thought I would lose diwt pounds in four days, but I did lose Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

The first part is the diet, which jump-starts the weight loss process. I think the diet works on the basis of it being low calorie, low carbs and foods 18kn4 potassium which helps you get rid of excess water weight due to high salt consumption from processed foods, also black coffee is a diuretic. All I can say is it works, absolutely.

The first part is the diet and the second part concentrates on maintaining the weight loss. Zeta set up some stiff regulations: Lean meats like certain cuts of viet and chicken breast.

  AS NZS 4836 PDF

I wish I could tell you there is a magic pill that will melt your pounds away.

At times I am invited out or go to a restaurant — I try to be careful. I used to sport a pear shaped body …ha-ha, and hold a lot in my face and neck. Long-term, sustainable weight loss is best approached gradually: Thanks again for all your help.

18in4 Zeta Diet – Diet Review

View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. I feel so much better and have received several compliments. The 2nd day is the hardest but you can make it through it. The diet is great!

I wish the details could be posted The 18in4 Diet offers a lot of claims but seems to be short on results. Fish may deit included. Hi James, Thank you very much. Thanks to you 15 BIG ones!

Thank you James so very much. The information provided within this site is strictly for the purposes of information only and is not a replacement or substitute for professional advice, doctors visit or treatment.