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Please keep in mind whatever takes place in result of reciting the names of Allah SWT depends on the will of Allah, the Almighty. Knee – Al Ra husha The Clement The Source of All Goodness, The Righteous, The One who is kind to His creatures, who covered them with His sustenance and specified whoever He willed among them by His support, protection, and special mercy.

Asma Allah al Husna

Most comprehensive collection of Duas The Names of Allah mentioned are in exact accordance with azmaa way they are spoken of in the Quran and Ahadith, thus, are highly authentic. Al-Huda Live app broadcasts audio and video lectures by Dr. He gives esteem to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him; And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to give Him esteem. Intestine – Al Razzaq The Sustainer The Gatherer, The One who gathers the creatures on a day that there is no doubt about, that is the Day of Judgment.

And He is the Exalted in Might, the Wise. He is Allah the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner; His are the most excellent names; whatever is in the heavens and the dn declares His glory; samaa He is the Mighty, the Wise. Account Options Sign in.

Lay your hands on the place of pain and praise Allah SWT names above according to your disease until the pain heals or cure away Insha Allah.

He is everything that benefits whether Halal or Haram. You can share the audios with family and friends as well. We are not responsible for the contents of external websites “Ads by Google”.


To Him belong the best names. Quran for All Al-Huda Int. Comments Click here to cancel reply.

The best Android App to learn Islam! O you who believe! The app Asmaa Allah al-Husna contains lectures by Dr.

The Alive, The One attributed with a life that is unlike our life and is not that of a combination of soul, flesh or blood. O you who believe!

The One who witnessed for Himself that no one is God but Him. Lung – Al Razzaq The Sustainer You can share the audios arabbe family and friends as well. That is, He created him. The Incomparable, The One who created the creation and formed it without any preceding example. However, here are some fairly close definitions. The Watcher, The One that nothing is absent from Him.

The app Learn Quran helps in developing a deeper understanding of the Quran.

He discovered that the mere mention reciting of most beautiful names of Allah SWT leads to improvement in the tracks Bio Energy within the human body, and after a 3-years of research Doctor Ibrahim Karim reached to the following: The Forebearing, The One who delays the punishment for those who deserve it and then He might forgive them.

He used precision methods in the measurement of energy within the human body and discovered that every one of the names of Allah SWT stimulates energy in the immune system of the human body to work efficiently in a certain ideal human body. The Dishonourer, The Humiliator, He gives ne to whoever He willed, hence there is no one to degrade Him; And He degrades whoever He willed, hence there is no one to asma Him esteem.


He, The Exalted, His Existence is obvious by proofs and He is clear from the delusions of attributes of bodies. He gives life by giving the souls back to the worn out bodies on the resurrection day and He makes the hearts alive by the light of knowledge. Quran in Hand – Your perfect companion to advance your Qur’anic knowledge.

The Guide, The One whom with His Guidance His believers were guided, and with His Guidance the living beings have been guided to what is beneficial for them and protected from what is harmful to them.

It contains lectures by Dr.

99 Names of Allah (SWT) Al-Asma-ul-Husna ( اَلاسْمَاءُ الْحُسناى ) – qurancoaching

He makes ahead what He wills and delays what He wills. Like Us On Facebook. He who enumerates them would get into Paradise. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Al Asma ul Husna by Syed Qari Abdullah Attari

Al-Huda Live app broadcasts audio and video lectures by Dr. Hair – Al Badi The Originator The One who loves His believing slaves and His believing slaves love Him. Fatty Sacks – Al Nafi The creator of good Thursday, Aemaa 14, The One who is Generous in giving plenty without any return. Ear – As Sami The all Hearing Alla, December 14, These Names of Allah are recited in a tune as well so that it is easier for users to memorise them.

Colon – Al Ra uf The Clement