PDF | Tradução de Bruno Ribeiro. Original: DESCOLA, Philippe. ‘Beyond Nature and Culture’, Proceedings of the British Academy, volume , pp. Philippe Descola’s Beyond Nature & Culture is not a modest book. Having first appeared French in , it systematizes some of the ideas. In this first part, I will present Philippe Descola and the big lines of the his In Beyond nature and culture, Descola shows that the opposition.

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Rather, it was the slow modification of social conventions that left us with the vexing issue of the landless and the poverty stricken. Naturalismsame physicality, but different interiority. To ask ad readers questions about Beyond Nature and Cultureplease sign up. This goes way beyond mere academics. Thus, the basic argument of the book: I do not lament the anthropology of the s and s.

He has conducted an ethnographic study from to with the Achuar indigenous people living in the Amazonian forest between Peru and Ecuador. But I still want to caution the reader who approaches Descola on the basis of their interest in a contemporary posthumanism: The physicality in contrast is material, it is the organic dimension of human and non human: This is the beginning of a fairly exhaustive — and, frankly, armchairish — tour of parts of the world in which similar convictions hold sway.

American Indians, Vietnamese tribes or Pygmies are also animists. The first task makes up the first section of the book still, at 85 pages, a fairly small portion of the text. Precisely the opposite, in fact — his argument with naturalism is that it reduces and totalizes inefficiently; that it leaves too many strange scraps of human experience worryingly unaccounted for more than once, Descola gives us the study of chemistry as a model for his ambition [].


Animals and plants see themselves as humans.

The project that Descola gives himself in response to this strange situation is two-fold: The idea of a nature, unique and universal, is aand Western cosmological conception. Here, finally, it is brought to English-language readers.

Quantum Physics and the Entanglement of Matter and Meaning.

God gave to humans the mission to administrate and govern Earth. A ontology found within the Aboriginals of Australia. Lists with This Book.

But his way in is two-fold: Gabriel Winer rated it really liked it Jul 13, Your points are well taken, but all these bwyond were made brilliantly at the very beginning of European modernity by Spinoza.

That is why the scientific method was adopted in the first place. Cite naturs article as: It is with the Achuar that P. William Matthews rated it it was amazing May 05, Professor Peter Stahl described it as very difficult, fascinating, and rewarding.

Journal of Ethnographic Theory

The Achuar are animist. Beyond Nature and Culture Philippe Descola.

Who is Philippe Descola? His research interests include neuroscience and psychiatry, urbanicity, autism, affect, and interdisciplinarity. Descola clearly defines his intention to overcome the determinism of ecological anthropology and structuralism, still dependent on the universal opposition between nature and culture.

Beyond Nature and Culture, Descola, Lloyd, Sahlins

In the final sections, Descola details six modes of relation that mediate these four primary modes of identification — exchange, predation and gift, on the one hand; production, protection and transmission, on the other That such could lead to the eventual privatization of the land itself, and eventually to severe socio-economic stratification, was hardly foreseen or achieved by some deliberate plan.

I nture a similar thought when reading that part. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The danger is that this ideological separation affects government planning at the highest levels. For example, ethnosciences interpret the environment in the light of classification vocabulary that organizes the world and orders plants, animals, etc. However I do not think these issues are much touched upon in most modern discourse. We need to do more than merely discuss this. The causal arrow, in my experience, tends to run mostly from resource bases, through the system of uses to which resources are put natuee distributed the economyand onward through customs and ideas about correct behaviour, all of which tend to attract like iron filings the actions, institutions and ideology that the adhere most closely to the path of that arrow.


A consensus seems to be emerging among people in many fields from ecology to philosophy that dominance of anthropocentrism in Western culture is approaching an end, but remarkably few people have seriously tried to envision what this change would entail.

The expressions Beyond nature and culture 1 refers to the title of his master piece which is a cultrue of the idea of a universal nature.

Where groups of humans and non-humans share interior as well as physical attributes. Pirkka rated it liked it Jan 17, They are singular beings higher than plants and animals. Unless we clearly understand that planetary system in cuulture our analysis of humanity is futile. Read Steven Nadler on his work — very important stuff.

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