View and Download Zenza Bronica ETRS user manual online. single lens reflex camera. ETRS Digital Camera pdf manual download. Manuals and User Guides for Zenza Bronica ETRS. We have 2 Zenza Bronica ETRS manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Instructions. ETRS. 5X Advanced Broniew technologies for new imaging horizons! UUUUU. RIBES. LETTO m. El triu. BINIA BRONICA. ETRO. SORER. ZENZA BRONICA.

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Zenza Bronica ETRS User Manual

Wipe the camera carefully with a well-wrung damp cloth, using fresh water, if the exterior is affected by salty air. After running it down to the lower end, turn it over to the empty take-up spool. To get best results from your camera, may we suggest that you read this instruction manual carefully, before you even touch the camera. Zenzanon E mm F5.

Next, press in the side frames, as illustrated, and, at the same time, press the front frame back towards the rear end. Depress the battery chamber button with your finger while, at the same time, moving the battery chamber cover in the arrow-indicated direction and the cover will come brknica. Pointers On Shooting See To remove the film back from the camera body, insert the dark slide into the dark slide slit, as illustrated, with the 3 mark on the dark slide at the top end.

Finder Interchangeability Various finders can be used interchangeably on the ETRS and will provide the user with dif- ferent viewpoints The microprism ring surrounding the central spot can also be used for checking the sharpness of the focused image, since the image will glitter when the lens brnoica not focused. To release the safety lock rotate the locking ring in the counter-clockwise direction which will place the dot diagonally lower.


Back to main camera bronic page Problems opening Etre files or printing problems – click here. Simply load up a new film back, with the required film, and go out shooting. Page 27 Automatic Close-Up Photography Automatic Close-up Photography Automatic close-up photography broica possible with the ETRS, which makes close-up shooting very simple, contrary to the difficulties and limitations normally encountered when taking close-up shots.

Setting the Shutter Speed Dial. There are two spool holders on the film holder. First, insert the U-shaped ring ftrs the neck strap eyelet, as illustrat- ed Close the back cover, by pressing it strongly against the base of the film back, as illustrated. However, the starting point, or arrow mark, should be aligned to the start-mark by advancing the film with the film winding crank on the camera body. When in focus, however, the two egrs will coincide with the diagonal displacement disappearing.

Film roll film 15 exposures ; The same is the case with extension tubes and bellows. After the 15th exposure of the roll film 30th exposure of the roll filmFacts About The Battery Clean the contacts of the battery chamber and battery with a soft cloth.

Place the opening over the neck strap stud on the camera body and then pull strongly- on the strap, which will lock the fitting to the stud. The shutter will be mechanically controlled when the battery is not loaded or when it is loaded with its polarity marks reserved. Attaching and Removing the Neck Strap.

Bronica ETR-Si Instruction Manual – Page 1 of 31 |

When the shutter is charged or cocked, both cocking pins of lens and body are set to the green colored dot. Then move the cover opposite to the arrow-indicated direction until it locks.

Insert the leading end of the film into the slit of the take-up spool and wind slightly so that it is securely engaged. Interchanging Finders and Magnifiers. Attachment of the Neck Strap A.

Press all the way There is an apparent zone of sharpness, both in front and back of the focused subject, which is known as the depth of field.


The dark slide is inserted. Do not place trimming masks or tapes on the bottom surface of the screen, as this will lead to inaccurate focusing. The film back frame completely encloses the film holder and shields it from outside light, as well as connecting it to the camera main body.

In infrared photography, some adjustment must be made in the focus in order to retain sharpness on the film because the invisible infrared Pays are longer in wave length than the visible rays used for focusing. Unfold the manual film winder on the right side of the film holder and rotate in the arrow-indicated direction, while checking the advancing film. The full-area matte surface surrounding the central focusing aids can also be used for checking image sharpness.

The Zenza Bronica ETR has been developed as a complete modular “system” camera, with a very high degree of interchangeability in lenses, finders, focusing screens, film backs, etc. The lens is not properly attached. Don’t use sandpaper or emery cloth. To get best results from your.

Depress the shutter release button, in this condition, and the shutter will open up. Zenzanon E 50mm F2.

The aperture ring click-stops at the numbered settings. When the starting etrrs, or arrow mark, is aligned with the triangular start-mark on the top left side of the film holder, stop rotation. Then, move the screen removal lever in the arrow-indicated direction, as illustrated. Open the back cover when winding action becomes very light.

Accessory mount Exclusive Bronica accessory mount on left side of body.