In his Bunker Archeology (), Paul Virilio establishes an inventory of bunker typologies and tries to determine what the essence of those militaries. BUNKER ARCHEOLOGY atmosphere approaching the great reflector was totally new; the transpar- ency I was so sensitive to was greater as the ocean got. Out of print for almost a decade, we are thrilled to bring back one of our most requested hard-to-find titlesphilosopher and cultural theorist Paul Virilio’s Bunker .

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As Errard dc Bar-le-Dnc stated, “The art of fortification is but the art of setting Op or Spreading out the lines on which the foundations for paull shape and circuit of a place will be built, so that from wharever side the enemy attacks, he should be fron tally or laterally in sight and under attack. Ruined bunkers at once testify to the homogenization of space, embody historically-specific practices of warfare, and are ruined structures that invite conflict between political and affective understandings.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. In we published the first English-language translation of the classic French edition ofwhich accompanied an exhibition of Virilio’s photographs at the Centre Pompidou. Absence articulated in doing words.

If the French have underestimated the power wrcheology the mobility of tanks in constructing the Maginot line, the Germans in turn, from the outbreak of hostilities, were disillusioned about rhe possibilities of coastal fortifications belore naval power, or rather aeronautical power.

The bunker is the fruit of these lines of force. Phenomenology, Psychoanalysis, Italian Film Stanford: The construction of strategic and tactical infrastructures throughout the ages is in fact nothing but an “archaeology of the brural encounter”; from ‘he point of impact at collision to the highway pile-up, the infrastructure sei up the duel the exchange of unfelicitous procedures before the “duel” of commerce.

The residential units were but arbitrary repetitions of a model—a single, identical, orthogonal, parallelepipedal model.

For it is here that the enemy must and will attack, and it is here – unless all indications are misleading – that the decisive battle against the landing forces will be viriljo. Many of them had been destroyed by this iconoclastic vengeance when the territory had been liberated; their basements had been filled with munitions gathered up along the way and the explosion of the solidrete mass had overjoyed the countryside’s inhabitants, as in a summary ition.

Slowed down in his physical activity acrheology attentive, anxious over the catastrophic probabilities of his environment, the visitor in this perilous place is beset with a singular heaviness; in fact he is already in the grips of that cadaveric rigidity from which the shelter was designed to protect him.


At the end of the Second World War, almost all vehicles tended to resemble means of transport by sea. A phenomenon of adaptability, the architect Albert Speer brings hanks to this double understanding, priceless revelations of the cultural of the Nazi regime.

University of California Press, This will to power, which he exhibited first in the erection of monu- ments, he later exerted all over F.

December 14 Hitler speaks for the first time of an Atlantic Wall, an im- passible so he would have it rampart to protect Fortress Europe from any invasion from the west.

The Frightening Beauty of Bunkers – The Morning News

The immensity of this project is what defies common sense; total war was revealed here in its mythic dimension. Intelligence archeolovy social control became the heart in the spirit of defense; the radio informed on everything, immediately, and you were thus protected from unpleasant surprises, but, in return, you had to alert the authorities by telephone of any odd occurrences taking place in your immediate surroundings.

December Installation on English coasrs ot the Chain-Home radar system. The proof was flagrant: At this time, the offensive batteries of Cape Gris-Nez are not yet finished, but can fire. These difficulties appear from the start of the bunker project. This architecture’s modernness was countered by its abandoned, de- crepit appearance. George Collins New York: He organized and protected this bourgeoisie when he became director of industry.

These are the results of a philosophy of military space, the philosophy of a warlord tied ro the earrh, to its surface; these are the results of an arms production policy rhat privileged ground forces to the detriment or air and sea efforts.

At the time the occupying German army were constructing a vast network of fortifications along the coast, intended to prevent an expected allied invasion. The course I had begun to run, over the banks of Festung Europa Fortress Europewas going to introduce me into the reality of Occidental geometry and the function of equipment on sites, continents, and the world.

Choose a archeooogy to browse An Aesthetics of the Affects Ithaca: From one end of Europe to the other a new syneciics saw the light. This two-fold piece ol writing, in which everything is rectified and veri- Bed with respect to girilio contemporary situation, constitutes precise evi- dence of that German rwo-facedness denounced by Friedrich Nietzsche in Ins own eca homo and which served as the groundwork in the advent of nazism.

Everyday life at the seaside had disappeared. My objective was solely archeological.

Review – Bunker Archaeology by Paul Virilio

With the barriers removed, you were henceforth free to explore the liquid continent; the occupants had returned to their native hinterland, leaving behind, along with the work site, their tools and arms. For the first time, a surrender abol- ished not only the state ol war, but the political power of the vanquished country. Navy The navy will draw up bunler for bringing into action naval forces capable of attacking the enemy landing fleet with all their strength.


Mina Hanna rated it it was amazing Mar 11, Moreover, the required working capacity of the naval shore supply establishments must be guaranteed, insofar as they are not involved in the land fighting themselves. Observing the various casemates on the Atlantic beaches, the English Channel, and the North Sea, I detected a hub joining several bunier. The answer was invariably. This constraint modified the clothing — the uniform — and the habirar — I archeoloby casemate.

In this connection, I attach particular im- portance to plans for using large numbers of submarines in the northern sea areas. When the combat ceases.

Full text of “Paul Virilio Bunker Archaeology”

In Bunker Archeology, urban philosopher and cultural theorist Paul Virilio turns his attention—and camera—to the ominous yet strangely compelling German bunkers from WW II that lie abandoned on the coast of France.

Indeed, with the narrowing Of the technological pupil, you eliminate the risks ftf shock thar would destroy the human organ while eliminating in the same stroke the unvital sideshow of the landscape. Here was the real surprise: Particular attention must be paid to English preparations for landings on the open coast, for which they have at their disposal many armored landing craft, built to carry armored fighting vehicles and heavy weapons.

The coastline of Europe will, in the coming months, be ex- posed to the danger of an enemy landing in force.

In all matters relating to land fighting, training of units will follow their ruling, and all necessary infor- mation will be put at their disposal. In tact, while most of the means for acoustic detection had been created during the Firsc World War with the improvement of optical telemetering, radiophony, and radar stem from the Second World War.

The residential units were but arbitrary repetitions of a model, a Single, identical, orthogonal, parallelepipedal model. The many important military and industrial establishments on the coast or in Its neighborhood, some of them equipped with particularly valuable material, may moreover tempt the enemy fo undertake surprise attacks of a local nature. How soon is too soon?