Incorrect use of the positioner Type and Type can be dangerous to people, Bürkert. In view of the wide range of possible application cases, check . ,.nearby. environment.. The device is designed to be mounted on. Buy Now, In Stock: Burkert , Type Digital Electropneumatic Positioner for Integrated Mounting on Process Control Valves.

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We reserve the right to make technical changes without notice. TypeContents Activation. The device is designed to be mounted on pneumatic actuators of process valves for the control of media.

And also on the internet at: In addition, there is a non-changeable master code with which you can perform all operator actions on the device. TypeDescription of System The device incorporates the main function groups – Position sensor – Electro-pneumatic control system – Microprocessor electronics The position sensor measures the current positions of the continuous valve. TypeDescription of System 5. The position set-point value is specified by an external standard signal or via field bus. The device is designed using three-wire technology.

Operation is controlled by four keys and a x64 dot matrix graphics display. The grey part of the diagram indicates the additional function of the superimposed process control circuit in Type In this way the position of the actuator is changed until control difference is 0.

Z1 represents a disturbance variable. Position control circuit in Type english TypeDescription of System 7. Schematic representation of position control english TypeDescription of System Configurable. Configurable auxiliary functions Hierarchical. The process controller in the main control circuit of Type has a PID function.

TypeDescription of System 8. Schematic representation of process control english The process controller software.

Configurable auxiliary functions Functions. Optional inputs and outputs are illustrated by dotted lines Figure 8: TypeDescription of System Temperature range control medium The factory presets are highlighted in blue to the right of the menu in the operating structure. TypeInstallation Process actual value input only Type Transparent cap Pilot air ports plug-in hose connectors with collets or threaded bushings Actuator Figure Pull the form seal onto the actuator cover smaller diameter points upwards.


During the installation, the collets of the pilot air ports must not be fitted to the actuator. Attaching the switch spindle Not required for actuators with attached control head or actuators on which a control head has already been attached.

Push the puck holder onto the switch spindle until it engages. A or control function B. If required, use longer hoses. The actuator moves from its rest position to the end position.

To do this, the pilot valves must be activated with a screwdriver. TypeInstallation Move the actuator back to the rest position Turn the hand lever to the left with a screwdriver.

Activate the hand lever of the pilot valves for aeration. As a result, the 4 — 20 mA standard signal fails. In designs with proximity switch: TypeInstallation Pin Wire. For reasons of wire resistance compensation, connect the Pt sensor via 3 wires. Always bridge Pin 3 and Pin 4 on the sensor.

The handling of the settings differs for the various control functions. After connecting the electrical voltage, the actuator moves to the set end position!

Cable gland connection Input signals from the control centre e. Process actual value burkett only Type Input. Operating voltage GND Table Loosen the connection ubrkert and pull out the cable.

The running process is displayed and operated on the process level. The display is adjusted to the set functions and operating levels. TypeOperation Display. TypeOperation The key function which is active is displayed in the gray text field which is above the key. Arrow key After reaching the last decimal place, the display switches back to the first decimal place. Enter date burketr time.

TypeOperation Possible. To birkert that the input menu for CLOCK can be selected on the process level, the following functions must be activated in 2 stages: The auxiliary function is activated via the ADD. The auxiliary functions can then be selected and set in the extended main menu MAIN. Activating auxiliary functions with simultaneous incorporation into the main menu Functions in the main menu Setting.


Enter the operating mode of the valve actuator. The operating mode of the actuator has been preset in the factory.

ELEMENT Type 8692 TopControl Positioner

TypeStart-Up Operating structure for the burjert setting: Generally not required for the initial start-up! The operating mode of the valve actuator has been preset in the factory. TypeStart-Up Action Description Switching from process level setting level.

MENU Press for approx. Optimization occurs according to the criteria of the shortest possible transient time without overshoots. TypeStart-Up Operating structure: TypeStart-Up X.

Type – ELEMENT continuous control valve systems – overview

The activation transfers P. TypeStart-Up Procedure: The submenu options for basic settings can now be selected. The physical unit of the process actual value. Position of the decimal point of the process actual value. Lower scaling byrkert of the process actual value.

Burkert 8692 Operating Instructions Manual

Example of a sensor calibration for frequency Frequenz signal type: Flow-rate Process actual value: TypeStart-Up Action Description Select K-factor The submenu for the setting of the K-factor is displayed.

The input screen is opened. Specify position of burkerf decimal point. Default of the set-point value via the standard signal input In doing so, the nodes for the correction characteristic are automatically determined.

To do this, the program moves through the valve stroke in 20 steps and measures the associated process variable. TUNE — Self-optimization of the process controller This function can be used to automatically parameterize the PID controller integrated in the process controller.

Preparatory measures for execution of P. TypeStart-Up Possible. TUNE No supply pressure connected.

Check process and, burkegt required, switch on pump or open the shut-off valve. This chapter describes how the auxiliary functions are activated, set and configured. TypeAuxiliary functions For this reason it is occasionally necessary to correct the course of the operating characteristic in a suitable way.

These are used to correct the operating characteristic.