Chalean Extreme Day 1 – Measurements. Monday, December 14, Measurements (inches): Chest: Arms: Both Waist: Hips: With ChaLEAN Extreme, you can burn up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months . Measure your body fat at each stage to see how much you lose. Stoughton, MA – ChaLEAN Extreme: Overview and Review. On Day One, my measurements were: Waist: 32″ Hips: ” Abductors: “.

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In addition, the fitness program is well designed and utilizes several training techniques that will accelerate your personal health and fitness gains.

Lift weights to jump-start your metabolism and break down extra fat reserves. I previously wrote about how I was going to add CLX into my schedule.

The fitness program is fairly priced, and anyone that regularly performs the exercise workouts with moderate or greater intensity and consumes a reasonable diet that focuses chzlean nutritious, well-balanced whole foods will see fitness results that meet their personal fitness goals.

Beachbody has an awesome tracking tool. Posted on January 9, 0. However, your stability, balance and coordination will improve as you continue to perform the extreem. This puts the Deluxe Upgrade fitness program at the same price point as the original ChaLean Extreme fitness program.

I am, as predicted, hungry pretty much all the time. Every day is accounted for. This is the only series ever that bothered my back. Email Subscription Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

Compared to the original ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program, dumbbells are not a requirement, though they can be used during several of the cardiovascular and strength training exercise workouts for added difficulty. I got strong enough to start adding even more weight onto my bar for squats in Urban Iron. Join 4 other followers. Because by resting on Sunday, I really feel ready to go all over again at maximum effort come Monday.


Those of you just starting off with CLX for this round may find this helpful much of it taken from that previous entry. After becoming well-known for her exercise group classes and helping other fitness clubs as an instructor, she collaborated with Beachbody to create the Turbo Jam fitness program inthe year that Beachbody was founded. By the end, I was doing a full set of 12 tricep pushups on my toes. Measuremenhs much as I love teaching, I really disliked that schedule. I found that I could lift heavier with STS even tho there were multiple sets.

But I promised myself I would try it at the beginning of the year — and now my lazy Sundays are my favorite part of the week. These additional exercise workouts are designed to improve your flexibility, balance and overall core strength.

I am also an Independent Beachbody Coach. While you will receive only 7 exercise workouts compared to the 15 included with the original program, you will also receive two different resistance chapean, weighted gloves and a stability ball. Get extreme results—or your money back! Incredible diet and support tools: Schedule them and enjoy them!

Chalean Extreme Day 1 – Measurements

This being said, typical fitness results derived from the original ChaLEAN Extreme fitness program include large reductions in excess body weight, decreases in body fat percentage, improvements in cardiovascular endurance, increases in lean muscle mass and strength, improvements in core stability and explosiveness, and increases in coordination, balance and flexibility. In these moderate training workouts, you’ll work your upper body then lower body, using the Lean Phasing technique to help you see results every 30 days.


Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook Includes workout calendars to show you which workout to do each day and how much resistance to use. However, the fitness program is an aggressive exercise routine that will require a fair amount of determination, commitment and intensity. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Some people in this challenge are probably chuckling right now. Measurements, Before and After Photos: Thread starter josiespcah6ojsh Start date Sep 7, CLX has alot of compound exercises and I found I had to go lighter or my back bothered me.

Welcome to my Fitness Blog. My goal for this round was to get strong enough to do one.

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Plus 4 FREE cnalean Women Insanity Insanity Deluxe Insanity: Get ready to see new muscle definition Here are blurbs about each phase from the book that comes with it Body Fat Tester Measure your body fat at each stage to see how much you lose.

I continued to track my eating, but became less concerned about the total calorie count in the last two months extrme I just focused on making sure I had snacks and meals that included protein throughout the day. This phase is designed to deliver major changes to your body.