View Notes – Opp’s Notes(1).doc from CSE at Anna University Chennai – Regional Office, Coimbatore. CS OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING 3 0 . Anna University CS Object Oriented Programming Department of Computer Science Engineering and Information Technology (Regulation. Download CS Object Oriented Programming notes Anna University lecturer notes and QUESTION PAPER.

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Conversion from basic data type to object type can be done with the help of constructors. If two or more derived classes are derived from the same base class then it is known as hierarchial inheritance 7. In OOP, programmers see the execution of the program as a collection of dialoging objects. Input number If number is even Then Print even Else print odd.

Lesson 1 Introduction to Object-Oriented Approach. To define an additional task to an operator, we must c2203 what it means in relation to the class to which the operator is cs203.

For object A2, no data is asked from the user. UNIT II C onstructors — default constructor — Parameterized constructors — Constructor with dynamic allocation — copy constructor — destructors — operator overloading — overloading through friend functions — overloading the assignment operator — typeconversion — explicit constructor 1.

The unusual conditions could be faults, causing an error which in turn causes the program to fail.



By specifying a data type, you tell the sompiler how to create a particular piece. Program code is indented after colon: Orientef a member function with the volatile specifier to ensure that it can be called safely for a volatile object: What is a friend function?

The properties of inheritance does not affect the base classes. There are two methods for data conversion: Inheritance is the process of creating new classes from the existing classes.

Introduction to C Programming Spring Punctuation in C Statements are terminated with a ; Groups of statements are enclosed by curly braces: They perform appropriate operations depending programmlng the data type of the parameters passed to them. Explain the use of explicit constructors with an example program. Such classes are called local classes.


E Civil 5th Semester Question Lecture-2 Today s Lecture What is Programming? The source stream provides data to the program called te input stream and the destination stream that receives data from the program is called the output stream. Explain class to basic type conversion with an example. If the body of the const function contains a statement that modifies the invoking oriejted, the obkect does not compile.

Both require include directives to access libraries More information. Introduction to Java programming language. Whatever we can see in this world all the things are a object.

Initially named as C orinted classes. Tutorial 16 Shopping List Application: With the inline code the program will not incur any context switching overhead. The concept of inheritance provides the idea of reusability. The general form is return type classname:: Who can access the protected members. Augusta Ada Byron C.


Function Definition Includes description of the interface and the function More information. Explain constructor overloading with example. List out the features of OOPS. Each statement is ended by a semi-colon. Calling a non-volatile member function from this object is unsafe, because b’s state might have been changed by a different thread in the meantime.

Write a program to overload a unary operator as a member function and also explain the operator overloading. Define Compile time polymorphism: Give the general form of throw. A class is a way to bind the data and its associated functions together. Member functions of a class.

A member function whose definition can be changed during run time is called virtual function. For example a file on a tape must be accessed sequentially. For example, a file on a hard disk or floppy disk can be accessed either sequentially or randomly.

What is an object? And, we have three additional member functions GetLengthAreaCalculation and DisplayArea to get length from user, calculate the area and display the area respectively.