Dell cnService Manual 12 Nov Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Dell In. DELL Compatible Fusers & Maintenance Kits Dell cn, Dell cn, Dell Service Manual Grand Caravan Owners Manual the dell color laser printer . Best thing about this new service is that you are never placed on hold I have a dell cn laser printer and the transfer roller just went out.

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Contents of this document may be subjected to modification without previous notice. About this manual This manual is a standard depl manual of Dell Inc. Marks giving caution Maintenance operations requiring special cautions or additional information to descriptions of this manual are presented as “Warning”, “Caution”, or “Note”, according to their nature.

Safety To prevent possible accidents during de,l operation, you should observe strictly the “Warning” and “Caution” information in this manual. Dangerous operations and operations out of range of this manual should be absolutely avoided.

Dell 5110cn Service Manual

Generally various processes not covered by this manual may be required seervice actual operation, which should be performed carefully always giving attention to safety. Drive them manually when required. Never touch the gears or other driving units while the printer is running.

Unpacking the Printer The printer must be carried horizontally with two or more persons. Extreme care 5110ccn be taken to avoid personal injuries. Check the printer visually for evidence of any damage.

Peel all tapes off the printer. Progressing with the Troubleshooting Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting in this manual assumes use of Diag. However, the troubleshooting allows for the case where the Diag tools are not used.

You can correct troubles according to these troubleshooting procedures after understanding them well. Chapter 1 Troubleshooting 1. Voltage of the power supply is within the specifications measure the voltage at the electric outlet.

Power cord is free from breakage, short-circuit, disconnected wire, or incorrect connection in the power cord. If the printer is kept ON, never touch the conductive parts while it is not specifically required. Never touch the live parts. If any trouble cannot be corrected by troubleshooting, replace the printer controller with a normal one and check for proper operation again.

Dell cn service manual – Fixya

If the trouble is not still corrected, replace the major parts and then related parts in succession and confirm according to the procedure of the “Initial check” Chapter 1 Troubleshooting 13 Parts which are always removed to check as indicated in the FIP and procedures for that purpose are not specifically referred to here. They should be handled carefully.


Chapter 1 Troubleshooting 2. Level 1 FIP 2. The level 1 FIP isolates the presence of various troubles including error codes, and the level 2 FIP provides a guide for proceeding of the troubleshooting.

Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Ask the operator about trouble status. Turn off and turn on the Power. Instruct how to operate Does error still occur when print End of work is done by the problem mode? Chapter 1 Troubleshooting 3. Level 2 FIP 3. In the troubleshooting, executing the steps given in the FIP or checking procedure allows you to find out a cause of trouble in a short time. Contact Support IfMessageReturns The exit sensor cannot detect passage of paper within specified time.

The exit sensor detected a paper while power is Open Front Latch on or interlock is closed. Fuser Insert Fuser When the printer is waiting for a job or APS is N: Over your limits Press Set 1 — Does the error still occur when turning on the power? Checking after replacing the Optional Tray Reseat the Toner Cartridge. Disconnect Memory module, and connect it again. Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Was installing position changed? Reseat the original installing position. Review the installing position.

Do the settings meet the specification of wireless LAN? Go to FIP Change the settings. Does the error still occur when printing? Does the number on the screen increase by one, every time the Actuator is operated?

Does the paper jam still occur when printing? Does the Feeder feed the paper? Checking the paper size Load the paper Checked by [Digital Input] – [DI] in Checking after replacing the Toner Cartridge Is the life counter going to reach the replacement time? Replace the toner cartridge.

Is the toner cartridge installed the Checking the Toner Replace the toner Cartridge installation cartridge. Does the error still Checking the printing job Checking the Memory Divide the printing job into Card installation 3 or 4. Change the paper, the Checking after replacing the toner cartridge Replace the toner cartridge. Checking the download Install the MPC. MPC firmware Is the download firmware the cn? Redownload the Checking the MPC correct firmware.

Does the error still occur when Does the error still occur when downloading the firmware? If the error occurred, check that the number of registered user is 50 or less. Verify the type and size of the If not Reinstall the print media fall print media installed meet the within the print media guidelines.

Dell 5110cn service manual

Carry out the corresponding troubleshooting. The trouble is restored? By testing the printing operation for the engine only, conditions can be isolated simply to determine whether the trouble exists on the printer controller side or engine side.


Chapter 1 Troubleshooting If print image quality trouble occurs, print on paper of A3 or A4 size in order to judge and understand the trouble precisely and take proper remedy steps. Utilize the image quality troubleshooting correction table depending on the trouble for efficient troubleshooting.

If the trouble cannot be corrected according to the image quality troubleshooting, check the trouble after replacing the “Major check parts” Checking the paper condition Replace the toner Replace the standard paper cartridge to the DELL deol a new and dry one. Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Checking the faint color Is the one color faint? Does the Toner Dispenser Motor function normally? Make sure there is no foreign materials on the transfer path, such as the staple, paper clip, scraps mxnual paper and so on.

Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Checking the paper condition Replace the standard paper with a new and dry one. Is the image printed correctly?

Chapter 1 Troubleshooting P4 “Vertical deletion or blank line” Trouble substance There are some extremely faint or completely non-printed parts. Those non- printed parts cover a wide area vertically, along the paper feeding direction. Checking the blank color Is the one color blank? Chapter 1 Troubleshooting P5 “Horizontal deletion or blank line” Trouble substance There are areas of the images that are extremely light or are missing entirely.

These missing areas from wide bands that run horizontally across the page parallel with the paper feeding direction. Checking the blank line’s regular intervals See the table of roll interval. Are there any lines matching the table? Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Checking the blank color Is the one color blank? Chapter 1 Troubleshooting P6 “Black color spots” Trouble substance There are toner spots all over the paper disorderedly.

Checking the spot’s regular intervals See the table of roll interval. Are there any spots matching the table? Replace the Checking the spot color corresponding parts. The stain appears as very bright gray or color stain. Chapter 1 Troubleshooting Checking the foggy print. Print the [Contamination Chk] of the [Test Print] on the diagnosis. Are there any foreign substances? Does the skewed paper still occur when printing?