Galardonada en con el Premio de la Crítica, El embrujo de Shanghai es una estremecedora fábula sobre los sueños y las derrotas de niños y adultos. Editions for El embrujo de Shanghai: (Paperback published in ), (Paperback published in ), (Paperback. El embrujo de Shanghai. Front Cover. Juan Marsé. Debolsillo, – Fiction – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for El embrujo de Shanghai.

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Mysteries of the Spanish cinema of today! In this case it’s almost literally a film since a story is told parallel to the main action, and we come to find out that story is not true, or at least, it may be displaced and distorted.

He has a good eye and a steady hand for telling his stories, however varied they may be. In Ringo’s Barcelona, life endures in the shadow of civil war – the Fascist regime oversees all.

Rosa Maria Sarda has nothing to do and better yet, a star ek Jorge Sanz has only two scenes and frankly it doesn’t add to the film at all.

However, when Ariadna Gil is in a film it becomes a little difficult objectively focussing on anyone or anything else. Audible Download Audio Books. In the beginning he claims he can’t draw by heart, but than we see he makes his most important drawings by heart the captain’s and the girl’s portraits.

He does so at the request of Mrs. The boy ends the film in a nearly empty film room, crying over the innocence he also lost, and accepting the film that comes to him. Evocative as well as atmospheric musical score by Antoine DuhamelFernando Truebausual. Ariadna Gil’s role is a caricature alcoholic mom. When Lolita’s innocence is broken down, she ends selling tickets in a cinema theatre, and doesn’t look at the client, the magic is gone. Neo Noir ab Forcat wears an oriental clothing which we see the girl’s father wear in the invented story.

The picture lavishly produced by great producer Andres Vicente Gomez and Cristina Huete results entertaining and well worth your timethough sometimes turns out to be slow jian.


Why insert the Chinese story that is supposed to be a story that has nothing e, do with the other one.? And we also encounter two characters whose long, happy coexistence with several generations of readers has turned them into mythical figures, the ideal embodiment of their time: She’s the object of desire among the men of the neighborhood. He decided to add a film within the film as is the Chinese black and white story that is told to a convalescing girl with tuberculosis by a shady character that one day appears out of nowhere to stay in her mother’s apartment.

An agreeable story plenty of intense dramaamusing momentsmoving feelings and tragic finale. The hit of the show is undoubtedly for the fetching Ariadna who gives one of the best screen acting. Una liga roja en un muslo moreno Unforgettable Fernando Fernan Gomez as old anarchist who lives locked-up and tells fantastic stories.

Skip to main content. In the past, the study of film adapted from literature has ve largely on the question of fidelity. The Anita of Ariadna Gil is white trash. El embrujo de Shanghai, A scathing, ironic, pathetic and often funny critique of the stubborn bravery of a Francoist soldier is portrayed in Teniente Bravo.

All Theses and Dissertations. This canonic structure exists exactly like this in Babenco’s Kiss of the Spider Woman, so that one came to me as a direct influence to this one.

Catalan novelist Juan Marsé wins the ‘Spanish Nobel prize’

This is an interesting story that blends tragic elementsadventurecontinuous flashbacks recreating an evocative Shanghai with breathtaking production design and many other things. Confidencias de un chorizo, To reconquer this lovely lady of the upper-middle class, he decides to pass himself off as a southern Xe immigrant named Faneca, and approach her with new manly airs.

El embrujo de Shanghaishxnghai Really embrjjo of mention are the excellent studio-built scenes, lending real authenticity to the lower class suburbs of Barcelona inin this case Gracia and its Plaza de Rovira, complete with a number 39 period-piece tram, and the various street scenes of Shanghai.

The black and white film is a distraction that doesn’t add anything to the story and leaves things in limbo. So here we have a narrative basis based on the already seen film within a film.


Abstract In the past, the study of film adapted from literature has focused largely on the question of fidelity.

Trueba makes good use of black and white and keeps shifting the screen format from one scene to the other. LeRoyMarko 4 March At times the lighting was irritating. We see him the first time coming out of a closet, he shangnai his own character for himself, with spectacles embrkjo colour his world i direct his look. Books for children and young readers El detective Lucas Borsalino, The same way he destroys the girl’s portrait to try and forget it.

Ariadna Gil is sublime in her role. Rather than taking a hierarchical approach to the novel and its two variations, a comparative approach is used that seeks to understand the unique choices of each director and how his vision can shanghhai the source novel.


La oscura historia de la prima Montse, She lives on the films she is told. She has defined channels, and is clearly influenced by the “shanghai link” which is stronger because the characters in her life make the effort to link her to it.

I’ve seen Trueba’s Belle Epoque before this one, and i don’t know the arc his career took the 10 years between that film and this one, but i wonder, even because of other Spanish recent creations, how deep is the influence of Medem’s creations in the Spanish films. The film is deepbut never somberno small accomplishment from Fernando Trueba and his team.

The Shanghai Spell – Wikipedia

He draws the recently dead captain in a hurry, because he doesn’t want the image to fade away, and he grabs the world by drawing it. Confidencias de un chorizo Last Evenings with Teresa constitutes one of the milestones of mid th century Spanish narrative.

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