Spanish, Serie radiográfica del tracto gastrointestinal inferior, examen radiológico del colon con bario, enema baritado, enema de bario (concepto no activo). Igor Laufer, MD Enema Examination Technique1 Hans Herlinger, MD. This review article presents the principles for performing a safe, comfortable, and. Todavia, o diagnóstico de intussuscepção pode ser efetuado com radiografia simples, ultra-sonografia, tomografia computadorizada e enema baritado ou com .

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Hirschsprung’s disease in children a five year experience at a University teaching hospital in northwestern Tanzania. Recentemente, Kornecki et al. Arq Bras Cir Dig.

Barium EnemaBarium Enema InjectionLower GITcontrast procedureLower GI series procedureLower gastrointestinal seriesLower gastrointestinal series procedurebarium enemaX-ray barium enemalower gastrointestinal seriesbarium enema procedurelower gi series procedurebarium enema procedurebarium enemasbarium enema procedureslower gi serieslower GI seriesBarium enemaLower GI seriesRadiologic examination of colon with bariumBA – Barium enemaBE – Barium enemaLower gastrointestinal tract contrast procedureLower gastrointestinal tract contrast procedure procedureBarium enema procedureBarium enema, NOSBarium enema procedure [Ambiguous]Lower GI SeriesLower Gastrointestinal Series.



Some of these imaging methods are also garitado during treatment of this condition. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Although access to this website is not restricted, the information found here is intended for use by medical providers.

Services on Demand Journal.

enemx Of HD cases, In another study, the majority of the patients presented after the first year of life Diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s Disease an age-related approach in children below or above one year. Estes achados enem TC correlacionam-se com aqueles previamente descritos na US 9, Air and liquid contrast agents in the management of intussusception: US-guided hydrostatic reduction of intussusception in children. In addition, a discussion on the current and controversial issues related to the treatment of intussusception is presented.

Sixty patients were enrolled. The result of two studies were similar.

Enema baritado – Mayo Clinic

RI was normal; IC was not seen. Page Contents Page Contents Factors related to detection of blood flow by color Doppler ultrasonography in intussusception. Delayed passage of contrast material was seen after 48 h of barium enema: Hirschsprung’s disease, Chronic constipation, Barium enema.


Following findings were evaluated in BE of each patient: The most sensitive finding was transitional zone. J Pediatr Surg ; Diagnostic accuracy of radiologic scoring system for evaluation of suspicious hirschsprung disease in children. Intussusception is a medical emergency that occur with higher frequency in children under 2 years of age.

Acad Emerg Med ;8: Gastroenterology – Radiology Pages. Duration of study was one year starting from April.


The most specific findings were irregular contraction, mucosal irregularity, and followed by cobblestone appearance. Pattern and outcome of childhood intestinal obstruction at a tertiary hospital in Nigeria.

Serienaufnahmen des unteren GI-TraktesBariumeinlauf. They showed no significant difference among values 5.

Sonographic features of small-bowel intussusception in pediatric patients.