These commands are provided by GLUT (the OpenGL Utility Toolkit). GLUT provides commands to create windows, subwindows, and menus; and to handle . The OpenGL programming world owes a tremendous debt to Mr. Mark J. Kilgard for writing the OpenGL Utility Toolkit, or GLUT. The GLUT library of functions. Now that we have a static image on the screen, we want to move to the next step. A changing image. We can specify a function for. GLUT to use.

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Kilgard implemented it to enable the construction of OpenGL applications that are truly window system independent.

Tutorial 1 : Opening a window

Thanks to both, you did a great job. Another 3 or 4 lines and you can a keyboard and mouse with your application. GLUT really makes things simple, hence it is very usefull to learn and to build small applications.


Although GLUT is not being maintained anymore it still serves its purpose. Check out the GLUTs page.

They all kept the API so Nonetheless these new versions do have some extensions that make it worth a try. Source Code and Projects.

Thank you and maintain up the superior work!

Hello there, The second sentence in the second paragraph is not clear. And whenever we click on that button respective event should be triggered.

Lazy Foo’ Productions – Setting up freeGLUT on Linux

But the program should be written using GLUT library only. Hi there, Thank you very much for taking the time to write this. Tutorjal am also searching for this.

I too would love to know how to set GLUT freegput with codeblocks. Very easy to understand hope you can add chapters like converting this to a game XD like shooting the snowmen.

GLUT Tutorial – Source Code and Projects

Please do comment if something is not completely clear. Your feedback is important. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


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