Nasit JG, Dhruva G. Nodular hidradenoma of the scalp: A cytomorphological evaluation on fine needle aspiration cytology. Indian J Dermatol. Am J Dermatopathol. Jul;34(5) doi: /DAD. 0bea4d A study of histopathologic spectrum of nodular hidradenoma. Nandeesh. J Craniofac Surg. Mar;22(2) doi: /SCS.0be Benign nodular hidradenoma of the face. Sirinoglu H(1), Çelebiler Ö.

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Nodular hidradenoma or clear cell hidradenoma are tumors of sweat gland usually seen in years age group with female preponderance.


In conclusion, our case is another rare example of pigmented eccrine neoplasm that should be kept in the differential diagnosis of pigmented skin lesions. Scalpface and extremities are common locations. Few tubular lumina lined by cuboidal to round tumor cells containing eosinophilic material, pigment granules and pigment laden macrophages were also present. Cytosmears showed fairly cohesive groups of uniform, oval to polygonal cells some of which showed cytoplasmic clearing.

How to cite this article: The pigmented apocrine cystadenoma is dark in color owing to pigment other than melanin [ 1 ]. How to cite this article: A report of a case misdiagnosed as ductal carcinoma.

Inset showing immunohistochemistry stain for cytokeratin positivity Click here to view. The clinical appearance can be mistaken for melanoma. Hidradenomas are by definition benign, with malignant transformation very rare. Debi Prasad Mishra for his constant intellectual and moral support, improvising nature.


The authors would like to thank Prof.

Nodular Hidradenoma: A Rare Cytological Diagnosis | OMICS International

This was an observation by Verma et al. The epidermis was partially ulcerated and the dermis showed well-circumscribed, hidradenoam, sheets of epithelial cells surrounded by dense bundles of collagen extending into subcutaneous tissue. A Rare Cytological Diagnosis. Cytology smear showing high cellularity composed of spindle to polygonal cells with eosinophilic cytoplasm and moderate to marked degree of pleomorphism.

Case Report Open Access.

A rare case report with review of literature. Malignant form Hidradenocarcinoma is extremely unusual, seen in very longstanding hidradenoma, featured by cellular atypia, prominent nucleoli and mitosis [ 8 ].

Home Publications Conferences Register Contact. Fine needle aspiration cytology of eccrine acrospiroma of the breast. Nodular hidradenocarcinoma on the scalp of a young woman: Hidradenoma Micrograph showing an acrospiroma.

A study of histopathologic spectrum of nodular hidradenoma.

The cells were arranged in lobules and ducts some of which contained PAS positive eosinophilic secretion Figure 4. A brief review and future directions. J Cutan Pathol ; Case report with cytomorphologic description, histologic correlation, and differential diagnosis Alexander H. A histological and immunohistochemical study. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol ; A 32 year old female noticed an asymptomatic, enlarging dark nodule on the medial aspect of her left arm 3 months before her initial visit.


A clinical diagnosis of nodular malignant melanoma was made. Nodular hidradenoma of male breast: Cytomorphological features of nodular hidradenoma highlighting eccrine differentiation: The cells were lying in a mucoid background along with good number of cyst macrophages Figure 2.

This article has been cited by 1 Hidradenocarcinoma presenting as soft tissue mass: Micrograph showing an acrospiroma. FNAC nodulat done which yielded a mucoid like material. This article has been cited by. The nodule was surgically excised and sent for histopathological examination. Histosections show tumor nodukar with round bland nuclei, inconspicuous nucleoli and moderate pale eosinophilic to clear cytoplasm and distinct cell outline star.

None, Conflict of Interest: Cylindroma Dermal cylindroma Syringocystadenoma papilliferum Papillary hidradenoma Hidrocystoma Apocrine gland carcinoma Apocrine nevus.

Pigmented nodular hidradenoma masquerading as nodular malignant melanoma

Case report and review of literature. We report a case of 45 year old female who came for FNA with a clinical suspicion of sebaceous cyst. J Carcinog Mutagen ;3: