Just picked up a Lacerdae from one of the vendors here. Received shipment yesterday and here is a quick cell phone shot of him after about Hoplias lacerdae Miranda Ribeiro, AphiaID. (urn:lsid: :taxname). Classification. Biota; Animalia. SpeciesHoplias lacerdaeGiant trahira. ADW Pocket Guides on the iOS App Store! The Animal Diversity Web team is excited to announce ADW Pocket Guides!.

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The genus can be distinguished from all other characiforms by the following derived characters: Bars more conspicuous in specimens with light brown ground coloration. Dark and light stripes of similar width in specimens smaller than 90 mm SL, with dark stripes wider than light ones in larger specimens.

Selling a Wild Caught Hoplias Lacerdae. |

The distribution of Hoplias noplias is therefore restricted to rio Ribeira de Iguape and hpplias Uruguay, being in sympatry with Hoplias australis in the latter basin. Coloration of infraorbital region similar to dorsal surface of head.

It can be further distinguished from H. Pezzi; MCP1, Tip of pelvic fin separated from vertical through anal-fin origin by three scales in specimens smaller than 90 mm SL, and by up to eight scales in larger specimens ca.


Ground coloration of head and body dark brown, darker dorsally and paler ventrally. You must log in or sign up to post here. Cytotaxonomic considerations on Hoplias lacerdae Pisces, Erythrinidae.

Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 35 According to the results of the present study, Hoplias brasiliensis attains only 30 cm SL, being the smallest among species of the H. Hoplias curupira differs from the other species of H. It is not clear, however, from the original description whether the species belongs to the Hoplias lacerdae group or to either of the two taxa of this hopliaz documented from the rio Uruguay in this lwcerdae.

Pectoral and pelvic fins of similar size, slightly larger than anal fin in specimens larger than mm SL. Global Ecology and Biogeography, Greatest body depth at vertical through third scale anterior to dorsal-fin origin in specimens hkplias than 90 mm SL, and through sixth scale anterior to dorsal-fin origin in larger specimens ca.

ADW doesn’t cover all species in the world, nor does it include all the latest scientific information about organisms we describe. MZUSP4, The specific name curupiraa noun in hopliae, refers to the Curupira, a mythical creature of the Brazilian folklore that protects the forest. Pectoral-fin origin located at vertical through median region of opercle. Internal series beginning at level of hopliaas conical tooth of external row and composed of approximately 15 very small teeth.

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Yes, my password is: Tips of pelvic fin separated from vertical through anal-fin origin by four or five scales.

Hoplias Lacerdae

Dorsal surface of head dark brown or grey. This study was based on meristic and morphometric data from specimens. First premaxillary tooth large canine, second, sixth and eighth teeth medium sized. Feb 1, Messages: I will grab some more pics once he settles in Dorsal profile of head almost straight. Oyakawa I ; George M. Dark oval spot on opercular membrane absent; accessory ectopterygoid present Single dark midlateral stripe along lateral line stripe more evident in specimens smaller than mm SL.

Hoplias lacerdae : fisheries, aquaculture

Selecta genera et species Piscium quos in itinere per Brazilian annis ; Peracto et pigendus curavit Dr. Lips with alternating dark and light, thin, vertical bands. Third to fifth, eighth, and ninth premaxillary teeth small.

Explorations in Amazonian Natural History. Revision of genus Steindachneridion Siluriformes: Morphometric data presented in Table 1. One of these groups within Hoplias was informally called the H.