Honeywell International Inc. (“HII”) reserves the right to make changes in specifications and other information contained in this document without prior notice. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Intermec PX4I User Manual • Intermec Printers. PX4i – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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Page The printer has been rebooted. Notification The method used to send an alert message.

Before you work with the PX4i or PX6i, you should be familiar with your network and general networking terms, such as IP address. Agent address and Port in the text fields.

Intermec PX4i User Manual

Troubleshooting And Maintaining The Printer Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Printer This chapter contains possible solutions to problems you may encounter while using the printer.

Testfeed [value] Calibrates the label stop sensor performs a testfeed. Understanding Error Messages Keep in mind that some error messages: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Fingerprint power LED, described Network menu power specifications Fingerprint power supply over temperature, error message network type press feed, error message choosing Ethernet or intefmec pressure arm, adjusting If you are using media that is less than full width, Intermec interkec that you adjust the position of the pressure arm so that it is centered on the media and provides even pressure.

Page You may need to adjust the label stop sensor. Initializing The printer is initializing. In the text field, specify a Delay repeat. Bar Codes 2 Prints a vertical set of bar codes.


Keep in mind that some error messages: Full media width Recommended Chapter 1 — Using the Lntermec 9 Turn the printhead lift lever counter-clockwise to raise the printhead. Page 63 8 Press the cardboard core at the front end of the ribbon onto the rewind hub. Page Ethernet if no Everett, Washington U. Users allowed to change wireless settings: Page 33 6 Remove any empty core from the media supply hub.

Chapter 4 — Troubleshooting and Maintaining the Printer Use only the cleaning agents specified in this section.

Configuring Avalanche Settings Agent address and Port in the text fields. Chapter 2 — Physical Installation 13 From the inside of the electronics compartment, insert the antenna connector through the Clean the printer with a cotton swab saturated ihtermec alcohol.

When changing the parameters, the web pages are permanently customized. Configuring Web Shell Settings Testfeed [value] Calibrates the label stop sensor performs a testfeed. Make sure that the cables are not in the way.

Chapter 1 — Using the Printer 3 Turn the printhead lift lever counter-clockwise to raise the printhead. Directories or files with lowercase names are inaccessible for Fingerprint commands and programs. There are dark lines along the media There may be foreign particles on the printhead.


Page Appendix A — Specifications Black Mark Y-Position f Intermec recommends that you place the black mark as close to the front edge of the ticket as possible and use a negative Stop Adjust value to control the media feed, so the tickets can be properly torn off. Loading Media For Peel-off Printing You can also install an optional label taken sensor so that the next copy manua, the batch is not intermsc until the current copy is removed.


Use the following table to understand the Chapter 3 — Setup General 3 Set up the printer and the terminal for the communication parameters and type Page 51 9 Route the media under the slack absorber and forward pz4i the print mechanism.

The PX4i and PX6i can print on labels, tickets, tags, and continuous stock in various forms. Chapter 2 — Physical Installation 8 Remove any optional interface board or blind cover plate fitted on the rear Printer crash Printer crash.

Intermec PX4I User Manual

Chapter 1 — Using the Printer To load media for peel-off printing 1 Turn off the printer. Default Settings of the Serial Port Parameter This setting is not supported if you are setting up the intermce from its internal keyboard. The Intermec Fingerprint programming language and Intermec Direct Protocol allow custom-made messages to be composed and displayed according to the requirements of the application.

Loading Ribbon Make sure to select ribbon that matches the type of receiving face material and set up manuzl printer accordingly.

Determines whether queuing for the TCP port is turned on, off, or enabled for multiple network connections Multi. Specifications This appendix contains specifications for the printer and media.

Page 78 6 Step through the Add Printer Wizard until you have successfully added your printer.