Find learning strategies to answer CAPM & PMP ITTO questions without Use Data Flow Diagrams described in the PMBOK Guide to understand process and. PMI wants to test whether we have internalized the processes and what it takes to That is to understand the Data Flow Diagram of every process. During the exam I realized that our knowledge of ITTO is tested in a way that if you have. ‘TRICK SHEET’ on Project Management ITTO’s (Input, Tool & Techniques, Output ) Compiled by Abdulla PMI-ACP, SCT, . Project schedule network diagrams 2.

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These are the components of a process and understanding of these processes gives you a solid foundation for executing your project.

Knowing PMP® ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs) – PMBOK® Sixth Edition

This number scares many of you; let me give you the good news here. You are required to learn much less number of these ITTOs.

All you need is to become fluent in these commonly used ITTOs. It is a great tool for those who are visual learner. Your creation may support in a strategy which works for you. In Summary, understanding ITTO by their interrelationships instead of memorizing all of them will remove your exam fear. Work performance Information is termed as progress report.

Status reports inform stakeholders about where the project is today in regard to project schedule and budget. It also describe what the project team has accomplished to date. This might include milestones completed to date, the percentage of schedule completion, and what remains to be completed. Performance reports may range from simply stated status reports to highly detailed reports. Dashboards are an example of a simple report.


The Complete Guide to PMP ITTO (Inputs, Tools, Techniques and Outputs)

More detailed reports may include analysis of project performance for previous periods ,Risk and issue status, Work completed in the current reporting period,and Results of variance analysis etc. Your email address will not be published. In this blog, I itfo attempting to answer: How many direct ITTO questions come in the exam?

Should I develop my own Input Output Diagram? What are the input in ITTO?

Before starting activities of a process, you need to think all the pre-requisite items which facilitate the creation of the output. For that, you are thinking what existing organization templates Organization Process Assets can help me, what is the organization culture Enterprise Environmental Factors I need to take care in identifying stakeholders, and what are the guideline vhart the approaches Project Management Plan of developing my Scope and Requirement Management Ito.

And finally, what are the initial requirements taken from Project Charter which can be used to detail the Scope and Requirement management plan.

After consideration of input, the next step you take is to carry out activities involved in the process. In your developing Scope and Requirements Management plan example, you meet with identified stakeholders and take their expert judgments.

During meeting with your stakeholders, you take their opinion and produce the scope and requirement management plan and serve the output of developing scope management plan. Below is the consolidated view of the Plan Scope Management Process: EEF are factors which are outside the control of Project Team, and these are surrounded around your project. While OPA represents already available lesson learned, checklist, templates which organization has developed from the past projects learning.


You may easily observe that Project Management Plan comes as an Input in most of the Planning processes because it provides an approach to developing plans. In summary, you can see Project Management Plan as an Input in half of the processes.

How To Remember ITTOs of All 49 PMBOK Processes? –

The Work Performance Information is the output of controlling processes and gives your stakeholders a status of project deliverable s, like if the project meets the quality standards and how the project is performing against cost and schedule estimates. To meet the goal of a process, whenever you engage your stakeholders most of the time you are taking information for what they know Expert Judgement about the topic under discussion.

Project Management Information System: It is also considered to be an Enterprise Environmental Factor, as it comes from the organization environment and influence the project execution. As project moves in execution as a result of work performed, most of the processes generate the Change Requests.

All of these changes are processes through Integrated Change Control Process and goes as an input there. If these changes are approved, it usually updates the Project Management Plan and other Project Baselines.

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