In this case report, transitional bonding with the aid of a Kois deprogrammer was used to restore a patient’s worn dentition. Finding the centric relation might sometimes seem hard, but with appropriate devices, such as the Kois Deprogrammer it’ll become just obvious. The centric. The Kois Deprogrammer is a palatal-‐coverage maxillary acrylic device with a flat plane lingual to the anterior teeth. It separates the dental arches and provides.

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Transitional Bonding with the Kois Deprogrammer: A Conservative Treatment Approach

Then, the appliance should be placed in the mouth and checked to establish whether the depeogrammer is passive. Filippo Cardinali – 26 May This allowed the patient to visualize slightly different lengths and approve the esthetic goal Figure 7.

Viktor Scherbakov – 4 Nov Deprogeammer is of utmost importance for preventing TMJ lesions related to occlusion. In this case, the Kois deprogrammer made it possible for the practitioner to find, establish, maintain, and verify an acceptable vertical dimension in centric relation throughout the process.

Given that the laboratory technician already had the correct functional and esthetic parameters, kols was an opportunity to create a more ideal cusp-to-fossa relationship by refining the mandibular cusp tips and adding to the opposing teeth. Patrizia Lucchi – 28 Jan The final porcelain restorations were placed using an adhesively retained bonding protocol.


Kois Deprogrammer | Dental Services | Academy Dental

Marie Clement – 25 May Marino Sutedjo – 23 Jun Patrizia Lucchi – 3 Nov The centric relation CR can be defined as the physiological position of the condyle in the fossa, when centered and in the most superior and anterior position, and when the meniscus is correctly placed against the posterior incline of the articular eminence. Giuseppe Marchetti – 25 Jul Zafer Cehreli – 25 Dec The records, models, and digital photography were sent to the laboratory technician to fabricate a diagnostic wax-up for teeth Nos.

It can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine if the mandible needs to move in the anterior or posterior direction to reach CR from the maximal intercuspal position MIP.

However, anyone who has attempted to mount cases in CR knows that some patients can be extremely difficult feprogrammer manage regarding accurate bite relationships.

Finding the Centric Relation – The Kois Deprogrammer – StyleItaliano

This must be a single spot, and has to be repeatable and achieved spontaneously upon closing the mouth of the patient, not with any manipulation of the mandible. Then the horseshoe palatal coverage is obtained with an acrylic resin and koid platform opposing the lower central incisors is fabricated. This proved valuable to the clinician in that it allowed the newly designed occlusion and smile to be evaluated before commencing veprogrammer final restorative process.


Zaher Deprogrammer – 30 Jun CR has been well-described in the literature and, although easy to understand, clinical success is often elusive. Giano Ricci – 6 Jul Antony Atlan – 21 Dec Giuseppe Chiodera – 18 Apr Patient History and Chief Complaint: All streaks to the linguals of the maxillary centrals and laterals were removed to ensure there was no friction.

Finding the Centric Relation – The Kois Deprogrammer

There was an absence of any symptoms deprogramjer chipping with the new vertical dimension and incisal length. Monaldo Saracinelli – 3 Aug Patrizia Lucchi – 25 Sep Bone levels were within 2 mm of the cementoenamel junction with no infrabony defects.

Tooth preparation was finished entirely in enamel and restoration margins were supragingival because most of the reduction was in the transitional bonding Figure There was evidence of interproximal enamel demineralization on teeth Nos. Giuseppe Chiodera – 31 Oct When the patient closes their mouth and the same initial contact is confirmed — the patient is deprogrammed.

Severe attrition was evident on teeth Nos. Stefan Koubi – 30 Jul